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December 15, 2011

Rationality is comprehending the improbability of finding a unique love match out of so many people,
Love is actualization of the improbable.
December 15, 2011


Deep is intense and rich,
Deep is quite,
Like a deep joy which is smile
 rather than laughter,
and a deep sorrow which is tears
 rather than crying out,
and a deep love which is silent
 rather than words.
December 5, 2011


Trust is an essential part of life if one wants to live fully. Same as any other aspect of life, there are failures in trusting people. People should trust each other, because not experiencing betrayal is no accomplishment when one has never trusted anyone. Rather, when trusting anyone, one should consider a possibility of betrayal and allocate them enough trust that he does not feel foolish if he will be betrayed.
December 5, 2011

Dealing with memories

To lose the current moment for remembering past memories, even if they are happy ones, is to walk in a path of distress, because happy memories are defined as opposed to sad memories. Once we start thinking about the past, memories will come to us regardless of their classifications.
Personal memories are to be used for assessment purposes only.