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September 28, 2011

Every human makes decisions in order to ultimately reach happiness / satisfaction, even if reaching ultimate happiness requires going through temporary difficulties. Feelings happy is not something that requires any rational definition. Everyone can identify it when they feel happy. So we make all decisions in life to have a feeling that we may not even be able to describe. Happiness is a feeling and sensation, and thus does not follow reasoning.
We try to make our decisions in the most logical way in order to reduce chances of any mistake. However, validity of all these reasoning is tested by a non-rational method, that is to see whether all the reasoning and decisions have led to our purpose (feeling happy, something emotional) or not. Therefore, a measure for checking the validity of any thought and decision we make in life is to check if they can ultimately make us happy / satisfied. Also if a lifestyle or way of thinking ultimately leads to happiness, even if it is not supported by a rational philosophy, we can conclude that this lifestyle or thought is valid.
September 22, 2011

The expectation of gaining happiness and satisfaction through others, even if they are the dearest ones, leads to disappointment.
September 21, 2011

Happiness and concentration come from within, but can be disturbed from outside.
September 21, 2011

Minimalist interior design, because of not having much to make mind engaged, lets different thoughts in, thus is distracting. On the other hand, nature shows high-level complexity, and therefore helps concentrating and relaxation.
September 21, 2011

The most difficult problems of life are those that we are not sure if we should categorize them as problem. Thus we cannot make decisions about them.
September 5, 2011

Why being polite

Being polite, more than being nice to other people, is about keeping/improving moral state of oneself ( all those characteristics that are generally considered as being virtuous, e.g. modesty, consideration etc.).
September 5, 2011

Keeping love

Love is a strong desire for beauty/truth. Just like any other feeling and desire, it happens when the person has tasted a little bit of beauty and has enjoyed it, hence the craving for more. Therefore, to fall in love, one has to be exposed to beauty (in its general meaning). Being exposed to beauty means having it inside, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is us, as humans, who create beauty. So for someone to have some glimpse of beauty, he needs to fulfill some prerequisites, that is to be clean and free from things that are opposing to beauty. Thus, being clean and free are essential prerequisites for falling in love, and staying in love as well. If someone already in love, loses one of these essentialities, he will lose love as well.
Here lies the secret that the strong and passionate love between lovers usually disappears after they reach each other. After they start living together, they get used to it, like someone gets used to alcohol and drugs. Consequently, they lose their free will, an essential prerequisite of love, and as a result their love. So they should be careful to always love one another freely, not out of obligation.